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The ancient ecclesiastical Parish of Bredon with Bredon's Norton includes five villages right on the edge of southern Worcestershire. The largest of these is Bredon, the other four being Bredon's Norton, Westmancote, Bredon's Hardwicke, and Kinsham. There are two churches, the Parish Church of St. Giles in Bredon village, and a small chapelry in Bredon's Norton. In both churches regular services of worship are held every Sunday.

Both our churches are stunning treasuries of the history of our community. However they are far more than that. They are active and exciting Christian communities which not only remind us of the past, but point us to the

future, helping us to come to terms with some of the fundamental issues of our modern age. I hope that not only will you visit and enjoy our churches as places of historical interest but that you will also be able to come and join in with our worship, and some of the many other activities which we offer to people of all generations. Our parish aims to provide a welcome for newcomers and visitors, so please come along and make yourself known.